Mental Block: Lesbian Trap

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Voice Type: Female Artificial Intelligence, Neural network Synthesized, Text to speech.

Audience: Bisexual, Transgender

Duration: 52:13

Description: This file programs the mind of the subject to see everyone as a woman. She will subconsciously see all men as female. The subject will be deeply attracted to women. She will want to please their clitoris. She will want to milk them for feminine drool. This transfers attraction to all women. This causes the mind of the subject to see men as women. She will believe this in her subconscious mind even if she still addresses them as men. She will hear their voice in a feminine tone. The subject will be blocked from see masculinity. She will recognize actions as feminine and dominant. If a woman has a large erect clitoris, she will want to be penetrated by her. The subject will become infatuated with feminine genitals. The subject is programmed to be a lesbian. Every woman that the subject sees triggers the subject to feel feminine. She will gradually become more feminine by subconsciously noticing feminine details. This is a mental block file that converts the subject into a feminine lesbian that sees every person as a woman. She will love both submissive women and dominant women with big clitties.This hypnotically traps the subject to become attracted to every person. She will see feminine qualities in every person she sees.

Contains: Attraction Conversion, lesbian attraction, hypnotic disguise, clitoris worship, feminine juices, mental trap, mental block, masculinity block.

Warning: This file causes bisexual attraction.