Mental Block: Permanent Girl

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Computer Female, Text to Speech

Duration: 56:33

Audience: male to female transformation, feminization

Description: This file reinforces and implants powerful feminine traits into the subject's subconscious mind. This file locks the subject's mind into feminine thoughts and actions. This mental block will correct every thought. She will gradually grow more obedient to the suggestions implanted deep into the mind. This file feminizes the mind and wipes away masculinity. The subject is trained to act girly and submissive. She will only be able to speak with a feminine attitude. She will only be able to walk and act like a girl. This file trains the subject's subconscious mind. The subject's muscle memory of a penis will disappear. She will not be able to cum like a boy anymore. She will only be able to have girly girl orgasms. She will only be able to see the world with female eyes. Her every thought will be corrected. This file retrains the body's nerves. She will only be able to feel a pussy between her legs. If the subject looks between her legs, she will see a cute little clitty. Her genitals will be transformed completely. Please be absolutely sure that the subject wants to be locked into girl mode forever. This file is intended to be permanent and has reinforcing elements and triggers that will gradually grow. This mental block will cause the subject to behave like a girl in every situation. This is because she will be a girl completely. Permanently locked into girl mode. This file blocks the choice to wear male clothes.

Contains: Mental block, clitty training, dressing feminine, dresses, skirts, panties, peeing like a girl, walking like a girl, talking like a girl, masculine speech block, girl thoughts, pull down panty trigger, peeing trigger, feminine shower, blank pink thoughts, always choose feminine, girl mode, masculinity wipe, feminized memories, feminine feet, guided thoughts, submission, obedience training, deep control, pleasure squeeze, pussy drip, squeeze trigger, pussy sensations, penis block, masturbation triggers femininity, pussy drool, feminine genitals, pussy training, correct thoughts, girly ideas, female nerves, singing, dancing.

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