Mental Block: Sissy Girl's Shrinking Clitoris

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Voice Type: Human Female

This file implants a permanent mental block into the sissy's mind. This mental block forces the sissy girl's clitoris to shrink. Her little clitty won't be able to get hard at all. Her clitoris will be locked into permanent feminine softness. Arousal will trigger her clitty to shrink. She will tingle and feel feminine. This mental block forces the subject's mind to think about her sensitive pussy and clitoris. She will only be able to see herself as a girl. She will be completely feminized. Her brain will be trained by a soft feminine light. This warm light will feel good. It will transform you. Your tiny little clitty will shrink and shrivel up. Her little sissy ovaries will permanently pull up inside. Her tiny little ovaries will shrivel and shrink. She won't be able to get hard at all. Her soft little sissy clit will only tingle when she gets aroused. This mental block will prevent the subject from acting like a boy. This file implants memories into the subject's brain. She will remember being a good girl. This file can alter the memories of the subject's brain.

Contains: Pussy drip, mind control, mental block, permanent soft clitoris, shrinking clitoris, memory implant, sex change, deep feminization, mind penetration, sissy girl, pee trigger, panties trigger, involuntary trigger, pleasure squeeze, mind shrink.

Warnings: This file will permanently shrink the subject's penis. This file will permanently block the subject from erections. This file feminizes. This file implants memories. This file can change memories.

Duration: 36:17

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