Mind Drug: Pink Mist

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Computer Female, Text to Speech

Duration: 1:06:08

Audiences: Good Girls and Transgender Girls

Description: This file deeply feminizes the mind of the subject. She will be programmed inside her dreams. This file implants feminization triggers inside the subject's dreams. She will carry a purse. She will feel compelled to wear her makeup. She needs to be pretty. This file deeply trains the subject to feel submissive and affectionate. She will feel very feminine and submissive. This drug forces the subject's mind to feel helpless. She will feel pleasure between her legs. This will train the mind of the subject. The subject's brain chemistry will cause her to feel submissive. She won't be able to stop her instincts from taking control. She will drool between her legs. Her panties will get messy. Good girls know how to behave.

Contains: Pussy sensations, deep feminization, dream feminization, bra, panties, purse, lipstick, makeup, mind drug, feminine orgasm, dream programming, behavioral programming, pussy pleasure training, horny girl, feminine sissy.