Mind Eraser

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Voice Type: Computer female, Computer synthesized, text to speech

Duration: 1:20:08

Audiences: Sissy girls, male to female transformation, anal pleasure

Description: This file removes the subject's memories. This file creates new  feminine memories. These memories will be very slutty. This file places strong mental conditioning inside the subject to accept these memories as her own memories. Her mind will be trained through mental flashes and memory alteration training. This file focuses on taking the subject deeply into trance. This file transforms childhood memories and alters them permanently. This file attempts to destroy false memories of a fake male puberty. This file removes the ability to cum with her clitty. She will only be able to cum in the most absolutely feminine way. She will only be able to cum with her pussy. She is just a slutty fuck hole. When she looks at her pussy, her brain will flash and train. This is a permanent memory removal. You will remember experiencing your childhood as a girly girl.

Contains: Memory erase, pussy training, male memory removal, feminine orgasm, slut memories, penis removal, pussy flash.

Warnings: The subject will experience permanent loss of memory. The subject will be deeply feminized. The subject's male orgasm is removed.


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