Mind Virus: Diaper Love

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Voice Type: TTS, Computer Female, Voice Synthesized

Duration: 26:58

Description: This file implants a diaper virus into the subject's subconscious mind. They will need to wear a diaper. They will love the sensation against their skin. A warm wet diaper sends pleasure into the subject's brain. They will wet in their sleep. This virus will slowly force the subconscious mind of the subject. They will slowly leak out. They will lose complete control. They will poop in their diaper. This virus completely removes the subject's continence. They will need to wear diapers all the time. Peeing in your diaper is a pleasure trigger. The subject will love to wear their diaper.

Contains: Diaper love, warm wet diaper, soft diaper, pleasure tingle, pee pee tingle, poopy diaper, mind virus, diaper virus, mind symbol, leaky pleasure.

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