Mind Virus: Girl Chemicals TTS

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Voice Type: Computer Female Synthesized

Duration: 1:14:13

This is a very powerful file. This file implants a subconscious mind virus. This virus will multiply and transform the brain of the subject. Her brain will be trained to be the perfect cock-sleeve. She will be such a horny cocksucker. This virus will reprogram the brain. This file feminizes and causes the subject to feel submissive. This will train the brain to release feminine brain . This infects the nipples of the subject. She will rub and train her nipples to orgasm. This will flood the brain with pink pleasure. The subject will flirt for cock. She will need to suck cock at an instinctual level. This file will reprogram the brain. The brain of the subject will dream about sucking cock. Her tight little fuck hole will have gentle little contractions as she dreams. She will orgasm as she sleeps. This file reprograms the mind completely. Orgasm causes this virus to multiply.

This version is a special edition. It has been enhanced from the original.

Contains: cock sucking, cock-sleeve, slut, submissive, dream training, dream orgasm, fuck hole sensitivity, pleasure training, mind drug, hypnotic virus, submissive feminine, slut rub, rubbing nipples cause orgasm, sex, slut thoughts, flirt for cock, pussy drip, obedience, brain chemistry, helpless relaxation, permanent, good , submissive fuck hole, girly pleasure addiction, slut memory reprogram, feminine giggles, feminine voice, breast growth, nipple sensitivity, mind drug.