Orgasm is Obedience: Sensitivity

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Voice Type: Female Text-to-speech, TTS, Computer Synthesized

Duration: 50:58

Description: This file will cause the subject to feel deep obedience and submissive feelings. She will be trained to feel a deep need to be a slut. Her horny hole will need to be used. She will be obedient and sensitive to pleasure. The subject will be trained to be very sensitive between her legs. Her pussy will throb and pulse with obedience. Her brain will be trained to orgasm very easily. This is a hypnotic training file with brainwashing. Her nipples will become very sensitive and obedient. Her hole will be very sensitive and relaxed. The subject will deeply desire for her holes to be used. She will walk with femininity. Her thoughts will gradually become very feminine. Intense arousal will flood her mind whenever she behaves in right way. Obedience is pleasure. Her breasts will grow larger. She will love pink lipstick.  She wants to kneel and suck. She want her pussy to be pounded so very hard. These suggestions will penetrate deep into the mind of the subject. These commands will be written on the subconscious layers of her mind. Her hole will become very sensitive to cock.

Contains: Orgasm training, slut training, pussy sensitivity, makeup, feminine body behavior, submissive behavior, brain orgasm, feminine thoughts, bubble orgasms, feminization.