Pink Feminizing Abyss

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Voice: TTS, Female Computer, Voice Synthesized

Duration: 1:28:34

Audience: Male to Female, lesbian girls, male attraction, bisexual. 

Description: This mind drug forces the brain to open up. This mind drug will take the subject very deep. It will induce a hypnotic dream. The world outside will fade away. The subject's mind will fade away. She will be transformed. This file implants deep subconscious instructions. The body's pleasure will be regulated and controlled. She will feel her pussy slowly drip and drool. Drooling is an involuntary action. She will be trained to be a good girl. These commands will change the subject's mind permanently. She will be programmed to be a lesbian girly girl. 

Contains: Pussy throb, lesbian, orgasm training, brainwashing, ass penetration, feminine masturbation, butt training, clitty dick, submissive clit, feminine attraction, strap-on, dressing, deep feminization, sissy girl memories, slutty memories, male attraction, cock attraction, bisexual

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