Sissy Diaper Girl: Submissive Feminizing Anal Pleasure Diaper Training

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Voice Type: TTS, Computer Female, Voice Synthesized

Duration: 45:40

Description: This file trains the subject to be a good submissive sissy girl. She will love and need to wear her diapers. The subject will be triggered to feel feminizing pleasure from butt plugs. This file feminizes through diaper training. The subject will gradually lose control. It is recommended that a butt plug be worn while listening although not required. The subject will leak pee pee and it will feel very good. She will feel like a good submissive sissy girl. This experience will feel submissive and feminizing to the subject's mind. These suggestions will enter deep inside the subject's mind etching them repeatedly. Warm wet sissy diapers will feel feminizing to the subject's mind. It is recommended that the subject wear a diaper while listening

Contains: Warm wet diapers, sissy training, submissive training, anal pleasure, butt plug pleasure, uncontrollably wetting, feminization, diaper feminization, domination, hypnotic control, diapers feel good, automatic pee pee, submissive peeing, butt plug feminization, pink light feminization, feminine spot, hypnotic breathing, warm wet genitals, pussy diaper, horny sissy girl thoughts, hypnotic imagination, sexual moans, layered subliminals.