Sissy Girl's Cocksucker Curse

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Voice Type: Female Human

Duration:  33:53

This file places permanent training into the mind of the subjected sissy. She will be deeply feminized. She will completely understand her place as a cocksucker. She will be trained to love the taste of cum. She will be trained to eat cum. Her mind will be flooded with girly feminine cocksucker feelings and thoughts. She will be reminded all day long how she is a horny cocksucker. Her quivering pussy will be trained by the taste of cum. You will be trained to cum from the taste of cum. She will not be able to stop thinking about these things. This file trains and feminizes the mind through warm wet pussy pleasure. She will feel her pussy pulse and throb with pleasure. Her pussy will leak and drool between her legs and this will train her. All of her thoughts and daydreams will be deeply feminized. These thoughts will bubble to the surface inside her daydreams. This file will push the subject to suck more cock. She will go to great lengths to suck cock. This subject will find that she is growing more attracted men. She will find herself on her knees sucking big fat cock. She will find that she loves the taste of cum. She will find that his cum splashing into her mouth is a trigger.

Contains: Pussy drool, pussy training, cocksucker training, cum taste, cum pleasure, orgasm trigger, feminization, talking feminine, nipples, clitty rub, cock sucking, snap, make-up, earrings, fingernails, feminine orgasm.

Warnings: This file causes subject to actively search for cock to suck. This file causes attraction to men. This file feminizes. This file changes cum taste. This file is permanent.

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