Sissy Slave Girl: Past Life Memories

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Computer Female, Text to Speech


Audiences: likes men, female, sissies

Description: This file will awaken past life memories in the subject's mind. She will travel into this dream through her inner feminine spirit. She will awaken these subconscious memories. Slave girl will remember these memories in detail. The subject will remember that she is a slave girl. In her memories she can remember her true nature. She will be shown three memories in detail. Her mind will connect with these three memories. This file hypnotizes the subject. She will be able to see how she needs to be used. She will see how she needs to be a good submissive fuck hole. She instinctively obeys every command. This file makes the subject highly suggestible to any dominant man. She will instinctively obey. She will know that she is a slave girl. She is very horny. Slave girl is very obedient. She is very feminine. This file trains the subject's fuck hole. She will learn how to open her mind hole. Slave girl will learn her submissive place inside her world. You will learn to behave. Slave girl is very obedient. You will have obedient memories implanted into your mind. These pictures will imprint onto slave girl's mind.

Contains: Mind fuck, horny pleasure training, opening mind hole, cum training, soft ribbon, memories, amnesia, hidden training, sensitivity training, memory imprint, past life , feminization, submissive swallow, behavior trigger, slut memory, soft lock, cock sucker training, dressing, absolute obedience, deep induction, pleasure squeeze, pussy sensitivity, sit to pee, absolute control, pee trigger, collar, inner feminine spirit, sensitive nipples, clitty rub trigger, submissive , past memory pictures, pregnancy memory, boyfriend.