Spirit Girl: Body Transformation

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Female Computer, Text to Speech

Duration: 41:34

This file transforms the subject's body. The subject's spirit girl will feminize and transform the subject's body. Her body will shrink down into a small feminine form. Her breasts and butt will grow larger while her body shrinks. Her tiny clitty will tingle and shrink. This file focuses on transforming the mind and body of the subject.

This File Contains: dressing feminine, skirts, stockings, dresses, lipstick, panties, spirit girl voice, spirit girl transformation, spirit girl hands, painting fingernails, clitty shrink, hands and feet shrink, breast growth, butt growth, feminine hormones, pleasure spot, pussy squeeze, shining transformation, poses, mirror ritual, good girl behavior, body language, female nerves, submissive emotions, obedience training, cells, full body shrink, peeing trigger, panty trigger, vocal cord shrink, feminization, pussy drool, sensitive nipples, ovaries, subliminals, PERMANENT.

Details: This file continues to grow the spirit girl's power inside the subject's mind. The spirit girl will transform the subject's personality and body to her desired feminine shape. She will shrink the subject's body and bones. Her breasts and butt will grow plump and full. This file focuses on shaping different parts of the subject's girly body. Her little clitty will shrink and shrivel. Her nerves will only be able to speak feminine sensations. This file etches these suggestions into the subject's mind through triggers and ritual training. This file strengthens spirit girl's control on the subject's mind.

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