Spirit Girl: Feminine Blessing

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Voice Type: Human Female

Duration: 50:25

Audience:  Feminization, male attraction

Description: This file blesses the subject's mind. She will resonate like a happy bell. This file implants magical mirror triggers inside the deep subconscious. This blessing forces the subject to feel really happy. She will feel really wet between her legs. This blessing causes the subject to feel horny and aroused. She will flutter her eyes when she talks to a cute guy. This deep subconscious training will echo all day long. She won't be able to resist it. Whenever she talks with any cute guys her pussy will subconsciously respond. This blessing reminds you to swallow. It reminds you to be a good girl.

Contains: Male attraction, flirting, femininity, makeup, feminine subconscious music, wet panties, pussy drooling, giggle trigger.