Spirit Girl: Mind Fuck TTS

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized Female
Duration: 1:19:09
Spirit Girl will fuck you very deeply in this file. This file implants a Spirit Girl inside the mind of the subject. This file transforms the subject into a feminine girly girl. She will fuck your mind and transform you. She will make you cum. She will give you thoughts to think. She will give you words to say. She owns you. This file attempts to implant this spirit inside the mind of the subject. This spirit voice will guide you. You want her to fuck your mind so very badly. Good slut. She will rip away your memories. This file has powerful amnesia suggestions. She will give you amnesia. This amnesia will transform or erase your memories. You won't know how to act like a boy. It is simply impossible. Impossible to know how to know how a male behaves. That is because you've always been a girly girl. Spirit girl is growing stronger every day. Spirit girl will train your pussy to radiate love. You always cum like a girl. You can only think about cumming like a girl. This will be permanently locked inside the subconscious.
Contains: mind fuck, Spirit voice, pussy fuck, pussy drool, forced to submit, pussy orgasm, submissive training, amnesia, partial amnesia, male amnesia, nipples, panties, forced to cum, permanent female orgasm, male orgasm block, deep feminization, pussy drip, mind control.
Warnings: This file summons a spirit into the mind of the subject. This file deeply feminizes. This file can block male orgasm. This file contains amnesia! This file can erase memories. This file targets male memories. This file can cause hands free orgasm. This file contains mind control, and possession.

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