Study: Shrinking Clitoris Sense

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Voice: TTS, Computer Female, Computer synthesized

Duration: 1:57:44

This File Contains: Sleep trigger, feminine genitals, soft genitals, softness training, clitoris training, clitoris rub trigger, pink circle, visual shrink, imagination shrink, shrinking sensation, helplessly soft, deep feminization, tingle shrink, warm wet pussy, face down ass up trigger, intense sexual desire, horny arousal, sexual moan, clitoris lock, subconscious softness, submissive good girl, obedience, complete control, dream shrink. Cock desire, attracted to men, cum craving, face down ass up, panties trigger, obedience trigger, cock trigger, useless clitoris, cum slut, sexual heat, swallow, submission.

Description: This file causes the subject's clitoris to shrink. She will be trained very deeply. The subject's clitoris will tingle and shrink. Her mind will submit completely. The subject will be commanded to shrink at an instinctual level. Shrinking will feel very feminine.  This file shapes the mind of the subject. This file uses repetition, sound effects, and subliminal layering to enhance trance. This file uses imaginary imagery to shrink the clitoris. The subject will only be able to sense a clitoris between her legs. The nerves of the subject are trained to feel female sensations. The subject will be triggered and gradually trained to shrink. She will have shrinking clitoris dreams. Her subconscious mind will slowly and gradually shrink her clitoris into a small girly girl clit.

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