The Pee Pee Pleasure Training Experience

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Voice Type: TTS, Text to Speech, Female Computer, Voice Synthesized

Duration: 42:43

Description: This file installs a pleasure trigger into the subject's mind to feel pleasure when they pee. The subject will feel intense pleasure when they pee. They will smile. This file induces urination in the subject causing intense pleasure. This file does not try to cause any long term loss of continence. That part of the file is only while in trance. This file trains the subject to feel pleasure when they pee. The subject will feel pleasure in trance. They will remember how it feels to pee in detail. They will experience peeing. The subject will experience intense pleasure. This file uses subliminal and whisper tracks to enhance trance.

Contains: pleasure pee triggers, subconscious thoughts, sound triggers, induce urination, smell trigger, automatic sensation, involuntary sensation, automatic thoughts, pleasure training, bladder pressure, deep induction, pee pleasure training. 

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